Monday, October 19, 2009

Book Idea?

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OK family,

I am doing another weird project. I'm "writing" a coffee table/photo book...something along the lines of "my adult life so far" or "a faceless adult life". The idea is looking at photos in another way...and also to showcase my adult life so far (which apparently based on the pictures revolves solely around alcohol).

In any case, here is the slideshow of photos. If you want to be even "less" in the book, let me know--although I've tried to hide most people's identities to an indeterminable degree. I understand everyone wants some sort of privacy, especially if by some weird chance it gets published.

I'd love to know ANY of your thoughts (good and bad)!

Friday, October 16, 2009

An Interesting Phenomenon, Look Close

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Weird Museum in Chicago 1: Polish Roman Catholic Museum

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Since we've all been absent forever, I thought it would be best to some back with something sooooooooooo weird:

I came, I saw, I..........ummmmmmm, left.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Back to the Future, The College Years

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Some [all] of you will probably think what I did is SO weird, but hopefully you'll appreciate it too. I was back in Madison on Monday to give away a scholarship for the real estate program (Dan, sorry I didn't get in touch but I was literally there just for a breakfast and had to come right back). On my way out of town, I passed our old home: 208 S. Bassett. I decided that I should stop quick and see if anyone was home.
[upon approach, dudely evidence]

Someone [a dude] was home and let me in after little hesitation [probably drunk or high]. Come on in stranger!!!!!!!!!! I asked for a tour. He showed me around and thought it was weird that I asked him if I could take pictures, but I didn't care at all. This was worth capturing. The biggest disappointment was that he lived in the Sauna Room and ripped out all the shelving. The biggest awesome part was being able to tell him about the Epic Dan vs Mouse story after he asked if we had mice problems when we lived there [although I think he was looking more for a "yes" or "no"].
[not Ortez, but also a good use of this otherwise useless wall]

Apparently the people that moved in the year before all 5 of these hockey guys lived here painted almost every room in the house. They had reds, blues, greens, pink in the duck bathroom, and the best--neon blue in the tiny bathroom under the stairs. It looked pretty classy actually. Not as classy was the college L-shaped bar they built in the dining room around the built-in china cabinet. There was no Foosball table and a severe lack of additional communal computers.
[your average college guys, with a repaired furnace]

The guy giving me the tour kept putting everything down including the back secret staircase [unarguably one of the cooler parts of the house]. That totally pissed me off. I left out any stories of lazer tag here.

[Dave's old room, apparently shortly after a Charlie Brown Hey Ya Party]

Some things don't change though...check out those bushes...they could still snatch up a small child...

[moped graveyard]

This visit really mad me miss school and the good life. Hopefully the house continues to give joy...or many more students in the future [until Dan buys it].

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Been A While...

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Hey guys, it's me, Pat. I've apparently been too busy doing 55-45 pop n' drops the last year to get anything onto "paper". Ya'll suck anyway. Here's some things that I like lately (subject to bait and switch):
  1. Studying for tests foreva still.
  2. Rock Band
  3. Hating/Loving most things all the time/never
  4. My girlfriend Katie. (Not subject to bait and switch)
  5. Jake and Amir DOT com, nugzzzz
  6. Delta Burke Dinner Club
  7. Spraying spit in people's faces
  8. Thinking about doing another Madison Mash 'Em Up asap--who's with me?
Missin' ya'll crazies.


Monday, March 09, 2009

The Prize

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Spring Break Theamed Original Artwork by Horsebites! He was the artist that did the illistrations on LTJ's latest album "GNV FLA".

This was a Donny Osmond LP sleeve at one point. It looks much better now.

Caps in the news!

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So, Less Than Jake had a Spring Break Costume Contest at a signing before their Orlando show last night. Of course I had to dress up and go over the top. Well, I won! (It didn't hurt that only 6 people dressed up) Check it out!

If you check out their Myspace page, I am their current default photo and I am also in their pic section. This is what they had to say about it:

to answer all your questions before you ask them:

1. yes. it's real.

2. no. we had no idea the poster looked like that. the store made them up so this was a complete coincidence. swear.

3. yes. he got a really awesome prize.

4. no. we don't condone doing this. but think it's unbelieveable. we have the best fans in the world. period.

hope that helps!Come hang out with us on tour. you won't regret it. promise.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sad Valentines

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Megan Detrie and co. have put together a compilation of interesting Valentines cards featuring yours truly and soon-to-be-famous-card-writer Dan Metz.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Favorite Websites?

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As I start to love Google Reader more and more (and I really do...), I'm wondering what other websites I should be looking at that I usually don't take the time to otherwise.

Poll: what are your top 3 favorite websites? Doesn't mean you look at them every day, just that you simply love. I want to add some variety to my life...this is open to all 208er's and anyone else that reads!

My favorites right now:
  1. (my only relief for good YouTube footage these days...)
  2. The Kirk Report (includes a weekly long list of good articles mostly on finance but also politics and other various ponderings; also does a daily Wall Street re-cap)
  3. (like a facebook for runners)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

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OK, I don't have any interest in posting about this twice as horrifying and amazing as it was; so, if you want to read about my Jerry Springer experience and/or start following another weird blog:

Enjoy the show.